Hotel Beau Séjour Lucerne


Multi-part furniture collection BS-Collection for the petit grand hotel Beau Séjour in Lucerne.

Daniel Hunziker | Designer
Manuel Berger and Walter Willimann | Partners
Girsberger AG | Manufacturer


Mirjam Hiller
Alena Fabia Schwarz

The Beau Séjour Lucerne opened its doors in March 2018 under new management. We were commissioned to design an identity-enhancing furniture collection for the «petit grand hotel». The «BS Collection» was to fit unagitatedly into the historic, in places wild environment of the boutique hotel and yet speak an unmistakable design language. What began with armchairs, sofas and side tables has meanwhile grown into an eleven-piece collection.

As with the start of any project, designer Daniel Hunziker first stuck his nose in the history books for the «BS Collection». The house brought with it a long history – it was built in 1875 and has been a home for guests from near and far ever since. The choice fell on black steel, which was widely used from the end of the 19th century. Hunziker’s modern interpretation of wrought iron goes hand in hand with the boutique hotel’s variety of colors and wood. At the same time, the bent steel can be applied to all collection elements and serves as the basis of a unified design language.

In addition to black steel, fabric and laminated wood are used – these are the only three materials in the «BS Collection». The assembly of the objects requires no tools and is done dust-free within a few minutes.

For those who fall in love with the elegant pieces: the armchair, the two- and three-person sofas and the side tables can also be purchased by private individuals. They are available directly from the Swiss manufacturer Girsberger Customized Furniture and according to individual wishes: