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Portrait Daniel Hunziker

Daniel Hunziker
Designer and ETH-certified engineer

Daniel Hunziker Design Works combines design and engineering skills with the goal of fostering a culture characterised by functionality and formal perfection. The interplay of expert knowledge, innovation culture and many years of hands-on experience in our work enables us to create overall concepts for interiors, products, urban furniture or exhibition design.  

«Good design requires intellectual depth. Otherwise it’s just decoration.»

For me, detail-oriented and coherent design is also inspired by art and music – and I have deep roots in both. As a result, over the years I have developed an interdisciplinary design practice. We fuse knowledge, materials and technology into a humanistic vision, which we then implement in advanced products and sensory spaces.  
The Daniel Hunziker Design Works studio has been in Zurich since 2011 and I have been cultivating Swiss engineering and design tradition for over 20 years. I work with the members of my collective both in Switzerland and internationally.

«In my work I combine all the things I believe are essential to good design: innovation, attention to detail, functionality and tradition.»


Our work thrives on the cooperation of creative, competent people on an agile team. Over the years I have been joining forces with the members of my collective as needed to find solutions in a targeted and efficient way while always respecting one another. We are united by shared values, professional mastery, and the longing for a contemporary way of life.

Portrait Alena Fabia Schwarz

Alena Fabia Schwarz
Daniel Hunziker Design Works

When she is not in Cologne, Alena sits at the other desk in my studio. As a product designer (M.A.) and vital feedback and idea generator, she collaborates on design processes from the very beginning. Her bonus skills: photography and graphics. 
We complement each other well, especially in areas where I have weak spots. 


Portrait Walter Willimann

Walter Willimann
Service Station AG

He has been consulting me on strategic and business issues since 2004, but does far more than that. Based in Lucerne, he shares his knowledge and expertise on restaurant and hotel projects, and takes on the role of manager for art exhibitions and performances. 
Walter «Willy» Willimann is a loyal friend and companion to me in many ways and I especially appreciate his provocative honesty. 

www.bs-collection.com (Partner)

Portrait Nina Staehli

Nina Staehli

We have done countless projects together since 2004: art exhibitions, scenography work, interventions and performances. With her intelligence, poetry and dash of madness, she challenges me to keep on thinking.  
She is my ever-surprising source of inspiration, quality inspector and third half of my brain.


Portrait Manuel Berger

Manuel Berger
Hotel Beau Séjour Lucerne

What matters when it comes to gastronomy and design? Manuel is an experienced restaurateur and hotelier in Lucerne. He always asks the right questions and fosters design processes with an eye for the sophisticated.
An aesthete, full of industriousness, who strikes the right balance between entrepreneurship and creativity.

www.bs-collection.com (Partner)

Portrait Massimo Milano

Massimo Milano
Illustrations and visualisations

We gladly include his work as part of our overall design. He is the other artist with whom I have been carrying out projects at the intersection of art, design and scenography since 2000. 
He is unrivalled in his ability to visualise the stories behind our projects through his drawings.


Portrait Davide Mastrodomenico

Davide Mastrodomenico
Girsberger Customized Furniture

I adore craftsmanship and consistently take advantage of it in our projects. Davide makes sure that our furniture designs, even in small batches, are produced with the highest level of precision and quality – and proudly bear the «Made in Switzerland» label.
When we are in charge of a big collection, we can rely on Girsberger’s 150 years of experience.

www.bs-collection.com (Partner)

Portrait Johanna Vogelsang

Johanna Vogelsang
Ambühl & Vogelsang

She steps into the picture anytime colours are involved, offering colour consulting or concepts. And if the situation calls for a high level of craft and experience, she also implements her ideas, which is usually the case for our projects. 
With an excellent sense of space and responsibility, she knows how to create the right moods.


Portrait Stephanie Ringel

Stephanie Ringel 
Editorial Services

When I talk to her about design, my approach and design processes, she weaves those ideas into powerful texts. In addition to that, she consults us in strategic communication and targeted public relations work.  
Her stories are the fourth dimension of our objects.


Portrait Andreas Widmer

Andreas Widmer
Andreas Widmer GmbH

Simply the best when it comes to delicately and professionally dealing with «art and business». He is the one who made the Fondation Beyeler museum shop what it is – and inspired us to make many special editions (Picasso, Gauguin, u.a.). 
Together we give workshops that help young designers learn how they can successfully bring a product idea to market.


Portrait Robert Stutz

Robi Stutz
BKS Rechtsanwälte

Licences, service contracts, product liability… as a designer, one needs a sturdy anchor in the sea of legal transactions. That allows everyone involved in the process of design thinking to have a clear and fair idea of their role from the beginning.
He inspires so much confidence in me that I can focus all my energy on creative work. 


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