Redesign of Jürg Bally’s design classic from 1951 for Horgenglarus.

Jürg Bally 1951 | Designer
Daniel Hunziker 2014 | Designer


Daniel Hunziker Design Identity AG


In 1951, the Swiss Jürg Bally designed the ess.tee.tisch. The table convinced with a clever self-locking lifting mechanism. Ten different heights could be set – without having to clear the table top.

Head of Design Daniel Hunziker developed a new edition of the table with the Bally family and manufacturer Horgenglarus over two years. The aim was to retain Bally’s basic concept and update the self-locking lifting mechanism using modern techniques. At the same time, the aesthetics of the height-adjustable table were to be refined.

A total of 500 working hours went into the redesign. The process also involved an intensive examination of physical principles. Daniel Hunziker incorporated the golden ratio into the redesign and defined all angles uniformly. In the visible as well as the non-visible part of the construction.

Unlike the table by Bally, the redesigned ess.tee.tisch is produced in series. It is available in different versions, for example with a black lacquered base frame. The tabletop is made of linoleum with a solid wood edge.