Rössligut Platz

Elektrizitätsversorgung Kaltbrunn AG


Holistic Design of a public square in Kaltbrunn.

Massimo Milano | Creative Director, Illustrator
Daniel Hunziker | Head of Design
Joe Fritschi | Project management
Johanna Vogelsang (Ambühl & Vogelsang) | Colour concept and implementation


Samuel Wimmer


In 2017, the 300 m2 Rössligut Square in Kaltbrunn was given a new identity. «Come, sit down and linger» was our message, which we implemented with our artistic and scenographic intervention. Since the square has a limited payload, we had to pay particular attention to weight when redesigning it.

All elements of the redesign were aligned with the net-like ground covering. This also applies to the arrangement of 46 red concrete blocks that break forth from the gray artificial stone slabs like two craters. They invite adults to linger and children to play. Plants grow skyward from their center, further enlivening the square. We created the plant concept together with the American landscape architect Lindsay Buck.

In addition to the plants, the strict structure of the square is broken open by five dreaming children floating over the surface. Our illustrator Massimo Milano, who was responsible for the project as creative director, created the seemingly weightless.