Signposting system

Municipality of Stans


Product design of the objects for the signposting system of the municipality of Stans as a modular system together with Signaletica Werner Egli.

Daniel Hunziker | Head of Design
Lukas Arnold (Gemeinde Stans) | Overall project management
Signaletica Werner Egli | Project management of the signposting system and lead management
Johanna Vogelsang (Amb├╝hl & Vogelsang) | Colour concept


Werner Egli


In 2018, Signaltica Werner Egli developed a signposting system for Stans. The main municipality of Nidwalden (a canton of Switzerland) attracts many tourists every year who travel to the Stanserhorn at 1900 metres above sea level. The direct route from the railway station is efficient, but visitors miss the listed village centre. Thanks to the new pedestrian guidance system, tourists should also be able to explore the historic centre of Stans.

For the product design of the new guiding system, Werner Egli turned to designer and engineer Daniel Hunziker. The developed system works flexibly and modularly: Several signs can be attached to one pole, which can also point in different directions. The elements of the supporting structure as well as the panels can be individually dismantled and replaced in the event of damage. The substructure is made of stainless steel, the panels are powder-coated.

The signposts and boards stand on pedestals, so that people with a visual impairment can recognise them as obstacles. The pedestals also serve as protection so that the objects are not damaged during maintenance work around them, for example during snow clearing.