Vivax Collection

BURRI public elements AG


Product Design of a public seating collection in public space.

Daniel Hunziker | Head of Design


Samuel Wimmer


BURRI public elements AG has been dedicated to equipping public spaces since 1903. DHDI designed and developed the modular Vivax seating system for this traditional company. It includes a lounge chair, a chair and a bench with backrest. Also part of the collection are a stool and a side table.

Vivax impresses with its classic, sweeping and timeless shape. The legendary Landi bench made of bent steel tubes served as inspiration for the design. Through product-spanning slatted sections and tubular sections, the various elements of the collection speak a comparable design language.

The wooden slats of the seating system are made of NATWOOD®. This is Swiss larch wood that has been treated with an innovative technique. Thanks to the process, among other things, the material properties improve and the wood becomes more durable. In addition, the wood has excellent gliding properties, which makes it easier for senior citizens to sit down and get up.

The elements of the collection can be integrated into public spaces in various ways: freestanding, with finished foundation, for bolting to site-side foundation / finished flooring or for setting on asphalt with special anchor.