Weisser Wind

Restaurant und Zunfthaus Weisser Wind


Conception, Corporate Design, Interior Design, Signage and Product Design for the traditional restaurant Weisser Wind in Zurich.

Daniel Hunziker | Head of Design
Alena Fabia Schwarz | Designer
Kurt Schempp | Owner
Nina Staehli | Artistic concept and art installation
Massimo Milano | Illustrations
Johanna Vogelsang (Ambühl & Vogelsang) | Colour concept and implementation



Alena Fabia Schwarz
Valeria Schibli

In 2018, DHDI redesigned the interior of the historic «Weisser Wind» together with tenant Kurt Schempp. The listed building from 1441 has a dining room, a theater hall, two smaller halls and an outdoor area.

The redesign also included the development of a consistent color concept. It was developed together with Johanna Vogelsang from Ambuehl & Vogelsang. We decided on colors that harmoniously combine tradition and modernity and show off special elements of the house.

Artist Nina Staehli created sculptures symbolizing the white greyhound – the eponym of the house – for the interior design project. One of them keeps watch at the «soul window» of the «Weggenstube» and lets the soul back into the rooms, a second sculpture stands in the restaurant.

In the re-designed premises of «Weisser Wind» there are also artistic works by our illustrator Massimo Milano to discover. His drawings tell stories about the listed house from the year 1441 and can be admired in various rooms. Massimo also illustrates a new menu for the «Weisser Wind» every season.

Our senior designer Alena Fabia Schwarz revised the corporate design for the «Weisser Wind». Since then, the CD holds together the different operational areas of restaurant, theater and products. The logo also received a fresh-up. The traditional greyhound is now running towards the present with the help of contemporary typography.