Züri Kübel

City of Zurich


Product Design of the standard rubbish bin of the City of Zurich. Added to the standard element catalogue of Zurich in 2019.

Daniel Hunziker | Head of Design
Michael Ultsch (ERZ) | Project leader
Roger Jans | Conception


Roger Jans
Alena Fabia Schwarz


In 2017, we have started to develop and design the new official «Züri Kübel» together with Entsorgung + Recycling Zürich, Tiefbauamt der Stadt Zürich and the landscape architect Roger Jans.

The requirements for the new «Züri Kübel» were varied and complex. It should meet the demands of various associations, be robust, sustainable and functional, enhance the public space with its well-shaped appearance and strengthen the identity of the city of Zurich. The design process up to the production of the first prototype took about 100 working hours.

Of course, the new «Züri Kübel», which has been gradually installed since January 2021, also meets all the requirements for people with with disabilities.

When designing the movable parts of the object, we paid special attention to efficiency and durability. A public waste bin at highly frequented locations must be emptied up to eight times a day. Also important: The door should still be able to be opened even if the «Züri Kübel» has been damaged.

We have also developed a special fastening system for the waste bags, so that a stable and non-slip suspension as well as easier emptying is possible. To ensure that each element works perfectly, regardless of weather conditions and even when wearing gloves, we test everything thoroughly. Besides, the «Züri Kübel» scores with easy assembly and cleaning.

The new «Züri Kübel» not only holds 110 liters of waste, it also contains a dog waste bag dispenser and an ashtray. The latter is integrated into the lid and intuitively simplifies the disposal of cigarettes.