City of Zurich


Product design of a kerbstone for barrier-free entry and exit of buses and trams. Added to the standard element catalogue of Zurich in 2015.

Daniel Hunziker | Head of Design
Alexander Horber (Tiefbauamt Zürich) | Project management


Alena Fabia Schwarz


The Zürich-Bord was developed by DHDI on behalf of the Public Transport Zurich, the civil engineering department of the city of Zurich and the Limmattalbahn AG. The kerb enables people with limited mobility to access the public transport systems bus and tram autonomously and is meanwhile being used throughout Switzerland.

Head of Design Daniel Hunziker attached great importance to a solution that optimally combines utility and aesthetics. The element does not stand out from the rest of the kerbstone in terms of material, everything is in one line and there are precisely defined details such as the beginning and end of the kerb. Of course, the Zurich Board also complies with the Disability Discrimination Act.

By 2023, Zurich will have installed a total of twelve kilometres of the kerb. The object is listed in the city’s element catalogue, which contains a standard element for every relevant functional and urban space requirement. By the way, our Arbos Collection (vegetation protection) and the Züri-Kübel (rubbish bin) are also listed in the Zurich elements catalogue.